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Tristan Travla

Hello I'm Tristan, and I make all of the designs that you will find here. 

Travla Creative was born out of a need for me to create and explore. I have a passion for travelling and experiencing new places. I wanted an outlet to reflect and visualise these memories so I started to play around with creating art using shapes, colours and symmetry. 

I really loved the exactness of triangles, and the simple challenge of getting them to fit together while representing something at the same time. So it all began like this. I was living in Hong Kong and feeling a little lost in my life. I missed my home in Australia and so while I sat in Starbucks I started to play around making the shape of the country using only triangles and bright colours. It was therapeutic and fun at the same time.

So I expanded on this and started to remember the countries I’ve visited or my friends around the world, and then made more and more.

Our Mission

Beautiful artwork and exceptional customer experiences delivered every time.

We are a 'Customer First' business

I love having a great experience when I buy something, either online or in-store. I’ve been involved in retail and SMBs for almost my entire life and I still thoroughly enjoy hearing a story when someone has had an awesome experience buying a product or service.

It’s even interesting when that experience was bad but then turned into something positive through the actions of the business and their incredible people.

We want to have a business like this, where it’s possible for customers to be really happy with their experience, whether or not you like your purchase or not (of course we hope you love it).

What we believe in

  • Excellent customer experiences
  • Authenticity and transparency
  • Providing a great quality product

Final Paragraph

Please feel free to reach out and ask any questions before your purchase. Or if you're ready, then go right ahead and buy something. We have a generous returns policy and free delivery, so I hope that will make the decision process easier. And when you have your artwork on your wall or on your body, please take a photo and share with us!

Thanks again for being a customer and supporter of what I'm doing.